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Covert Controls for Radiant Heating

Radiant heating also known as Infrared Heating is a very efficient form of heating certain areas within a space. It can be best described by considering how the sun heats the earth. When the sun hits a surface, it heats it up. Therefore, heating the air surrounding the surface. The heat produced by a Radiant heater hits people and objects within its vicinity. However, it doesn’t heat the air surrounding them. This allows for very fast heat up times and means it is a very efficient option for buildings with a high air change rate. Radiant heating can be fuelled using either Natural Gas or LPG.  Radiant heaters come in the form of:


  • Single Linear Radiant Tube Heaters
  • U Tube Radiant Heaters
  • Continuous Tube Heaters – Nor-Ray-Vac

Common manufacturers include:

  • Nortek Global, also known as:
    • Ambi-Rad
    • Benson
    • Reznor
  • Powrmatic
  • Combat
  • Winterwarm

Application examples:

  • Factory Heating
  • Warehouse Heating
  • Garage Workshop Heating
  • Retail Building Heating
  • Distribution Centre Heating
  • Sports & Leisure Heating
  • Aircraft Hangar Heating
  • Horticultural & Agricultural Heating


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