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The Covert & Commercial Heating Systems

The Covert is capable of controlling an extensive range of commercial heating systems in many different working environments. These commercial heating systems come in the form of Warm Air heating, Radiant (infrared) heating and Commercial boilers. They can be found in a range of environments such as; warehouses, factories, garage workshops, retail buildings and more. 

Warm Air Heating

Warm Air heating offers flexibility in terms of appliance location and fuel type. The layout of the heating system can be optimised for the configuration of the space being heated. Warm Air heating is usually powered by gas, but is also a good option if you only have access to oil (35-second heating oil / 28-second Kerosene ) as a fuel source.

Reznor Unit Heater

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Radiant Heating (Infrared)

A gas fired radiant (infrared) heater heats people and objects within its vicinity rather than the air surrounding them. Radiant heating provides rapid heat up times and is easily zone controlled using the Covert. The combination of Covert Controls and Radiant Heating will result in a particularly efficient way to help reduce running costs.

Reznor Vision UTube

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Commercial Boilers

Larger boilers fitted into commercial environments.  Commercial boilers generally support radiators, hot water and fan coil units. The Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive sets new efficiency levels for commercial boilers. Combining this with our state of the art Covert control system will result in a highly effective and efficient heating system. 

Ideal Evomax Cascade

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