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The Covert – Industrial Heating Control System

Industrial/Commercial heating comes in many forms. Warm Air Heating – Radiant Heating also known as Infrared Heating – Commercial Boilers, associated pumps and heat emitters.

The Covert is a cloud based Heating Control System specifically designed for Industrial and Commercial premises. It is simple, cost effective, enables the heating system to be controlled remotely and removes control from the shop floor.


  • Remote access to your heating system from anywhere, anytime, using a mobile data connection.
  • Zone control – the ability for different parameters in different areas and it is completely tamper proof.
  • Alert system – rapid reporting on plant status, data logging, event logs and fault reporting.
  • Weather compensation software – taking into account external temperatures to improve energy efficiency.
  • Dedicated engineers qualified and competent in the installation of both the appliances and the controls.
  • Cost effective solution for replacing boiler/plant room control panels.
  • Complete control of energy use and therefore costs of fuel for heating.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

The Covert Control has various operating modes including:

  • A ‘Normal’ operating mode in which the heating system will operate as per the set parameters. i.e. within the times specified and to the set point temperatures.
  • An ‘Economy’ mode where the heating system will operate at a reduced level.
  • A ‘Standby’ or ‘Holiday’ mode where the heating system is switched off, or operated as frost protection only to protect equipment, product and the fabric of the building.

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Why should this be of interest to you?

Both the Carbon Trust and the London School of Economics have confirmed that:

  • A 1 degree C increase in temperature set point results in an 8-10% increase in energy consumption.
  • An efficient heating system can result in a 30% reduction in energy costs.

What appliances can the Covert Industrial Heating Control operate?

For information about what type of appliances the Covert can operate, resulting in potential savings for you, please click on the Heating link below.  Alternatively, you can return the the Home Page.


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