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Boiler Replacement with Covert Heating Controls


Westcliff Mansions is a tower block of 25 self contained 2 bedroom apartments heated by two oil fired low efficiency boilers (picture 1). With an Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency (AFUE) of 56% – 70%, the oil boilers were inefficient and had become unreliable.

The first step was for IHC to recommended and facilitate the installation of a natural gas supply to the building. Two high efficiency Ideal Commercial gas fired boilers (AFUE 90% – 98%) were specified and fitted, along with a large Plate Heat Exchanger and two gas fired Hot Water Generators (pictures 2 & 3).

Major savings in fuel costs and emissions were made by the change from oil to gas, alone. Teaming IHC’s Covert controls with the heating scheme created even better efficiency and further energy and cost savings. Therefore, a considerable reduction in carbon footprint was achieved.

The Covert (picture 4) is a cloud based Heating Control System specifically designed for Commercial and Industrial premises. With Covert controls heating systems can be controlled effectively and remotely.

Covert operational modes include:

  • Normal’ The wet heating system is operated in a manner consistent with the occupants supply demands.
  • ‘Economy’ The wet heating system is operated at a reduced level.
  • ‘Standby’ or ‘Holiday’ The wet heating system is switched off, or operated solely for frost and equipment protection.
  • ‘Optimum start’ The controller can sense the outside temperature. It will run the heating system for the required time to reach a set point, at a predetermined time.
  • ‘Early alert’  Automatic notification if either of the boilers fail to reach temperature. A message is sent to indicate that an engineer call out may be required.

Project management

There were several important factors to be overcome to ensure we delivered this project on time. Not least, the fact that works were scheduled for September when the weather was cooler.  Efficient project management  meant we completed the project in the shortest possible time and this greatly reduced the impact and inconvenience to residents.


Our client is delighted with the outcome. Their Facilities Manager now has complete off site control of the heating system and access to operational reports.


1 Old Hoval Boilers


2 New Ideal Commercial boilers

3 New water generators

4 Covert controls

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